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Born Jan, 24, 1932 a farmer with a 7th grade education but was fortunate to have a practical common sense education of ; respecting others, as well as respecting self, believing the value of truth and a great love for nature and the mysteries of nature. One of the greatest things instilled in me was learning who I am and where all my sustenance and goodness comes from, and that is not and never will be from the egotistical government, therefore to bow down to any other human is the most arrogant thing I could ever do. I have excellent health and have not seen a medical doctor for over 35 years and would have to be hauled off kicking and screaming before I would ever go to a hospital, so I see no need for expensive insurance (government mandated or any other kind). I love most people, just not the tyranical kind and it breaks my heart to see all the injustices done to hard working people and the truths that are being held back from them, for example: NATURE PROVIDES FOOD AND ALL SUSTENANCE EVER NEEDED!